• Kumite class on March 9, 2013 in Lobstädt

This year, karatekas of the WJKA Germany Reg. Assoc. came together again to join the Kumite course of Sensei Tadeusz Lebida (7th Dan). All attendees benefited from the Sensei's knowledge, picking up techniques and suggestions which they'll be practicing at their Dojos.
Catering was kindly provided by Zhong Ryu. Pictures of this event were added to the gallery.

• Karate class on February 23, 2013 in Gräfenhainichen

The Karate class on February 23, 2013 in Gräfenhainichen has been a great success. Despite the bad weather, 65 Karateka came from Bad Oldesloe, Offenbach, Lobstädt, and Sandersdorf to Gräfenhainichen. Many new techniques were introduced to the class, led by Sensei Tadeusz Lebida (7th Dan), that are now being practiced at the various Dojos.

More pictures of this event were added to the gallery.

• Dan exam on November 25, 2012 in Sandersdorf

This year's Dan exam took place on November 25 under the direction of Sensei Tadeusz Lebida (7th Dan). Congrats to Ulrich Hilgendorf, Matthias Brähne, Denny-Raik Schöne, and Matthias Warstat for successfully passing the 1st Dan. Congratulations also to Thomas Gelbrich who successfully passed the 2nd Dan. We're very happy for you!


• 4th WJKA Germany Cup, November 24, 2012

The 4th WJKA Germany Cup took place on November 24, 2012 in Groitzsch, Germany. Organizer of the event, the Dojo of Zhong Ryu Lobstädt, was well prepared, so the competition started at 10:00 am as scheduled. Contestants of all ages battled for trophies and medals in Kata and Kumite. Our thanks go to the officials, led by Hans-Jürgen Pech, who moderated justly. Furthermore, thanks to our technical director Tadeusz Lebida, who actively supported us at the victory ceremony.
Next year's WJKA Cup will probably take place in Offenbach, Germany.

• 3rd WJKA European championship in Sandersdorf

We'd been looking forward to the EC for so long, but time flew by.

146 contenders from 9 European countries competed on July 7 (up to 4. Kyu) and July 8 (starting from 3. Kyu) at the Sandersdorfer gym.

The WJKA Germany Reg. Assoc. sent 22 competitors to the match. With 7 European champions, 4 vice-European champions, and 3 third-place finishers, Saturday was our most victorious day.

First successes in Kata were achieved by Hanna Holz, Jared Nelle, Anne Schnurpfeil, and Gundula Holz.
In their age group, Esther Hubel and Marius Zabel secured the runner-up spots.

Third-place finisher was Ines Schilling. In Kata-Asia, Anne Schnurpfeil made it on the winner's podium followed by Gundula Holz and Marius Zabel. We were pleasantly surprised by the success of our Kata teams. We were proud that Marie Blümel, Anna Butz, and Anne Schnurpfeil, finally took first place in this contest. Ines Schilling, Gundula Holz, and Marius Zabel, were quite happy about winning 3rd place.   
In Kumite, Anne Schnurpfeil was the most successful competitor in her age class for the fourth time, followed by Kerstin Bernau

As thanks, all helpers, province's representatives, and president of the SG Union Sandersdorf Reg. Assoc., Uwe Störzner, were invited to a dinner party subsequent to a cruise with the MS Rudnitz. 

Day two of the competition had been quite successful, too. Silver medals were secured by Thomas Gelbrich in Kata-Asai as well as by Fotios Filis in Kumite, and also by the Kata-team with Daniel Weber, Fotios Filis, and Angelo Lamanna.

Unfortunately, Annika Pütz, Rafail Goutzikidis, Michael Hemmann, Paul and Felix Schilling, Mattis Gelbrich, and Nele Bommert didn't make it on the winner's podium. But it was still fun and just another chance to spot things that needed to be improved.

We would like to thank all the people who believed in us, who helped organizing the holding of this year's European Championship, and who financially supported us. Many thanks also to the City of Sandersdorf- Brehna for hosting the event!


• Technical director Shihan Tadeusz Lebida received 7th Dan

We'd like to congratulate our technical director Shihan Tadeusz Lebida on his 7th Dan. The certificate was presented to him on May 5, 2012 by Shihan Jan Kobel (8th Dan) in Sandersdorf.


• Kata and Kumite classes 2012

In 2012, Kata and Kumite classes were continued successfully in Gräfenhainichen and Groitzsch. Both classes were very informative and well-attended. Due to good preparation and organization, Sensei Tadeusz Lebida was able to pass on his knowledge to the attendings and contributed to the success of the courses. The catering was very well organized, too. We would also like to express praise for the operators and helpers in Groitzsch, who offered their gym again for this event.

• 3. WJKA Germany Cup Sandersdorf, November 19, 2011

On November 19, 2011 Sandersdorf invited national contenders to the 3. WJKA Germany Cup. We welcomed five Dojos from Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Hesse, and Schleswig-Holstein, which brought their best Karatekas to Sandersdorf. We owe particular thanks to the officials under the command of Sensei Tadeusz Lebida who moderated justly. Fighters were competing for medals and trophies, and there were no handouts but a lot of "handshakes".

• 3rd WJKA World Championship in Wevelgem, Belgium

On August 12, 2011 the travel van of our team left for Belgium at 4:00 in the morning. After a long journey, we finally arrived in Wevelgem around 3:00 pm and were given a warm welcome. Fortunately, the parking space for our van was right next to the sports hall, so we didn't have to cover any more distances. After the registration, the technical director Tadeusz Lebida prepped the contenders for the competition once more.   
The Kohais started the tournament on the first competition day, which we unfortunately didn't take part in.
Yet it allowed us to just enjoy the atmosphere of this year's World Championship for a day. Second competition day started with the Kata groups. Thomas Gelbrich fought his way up to 5th place in his group. Sadly, Christoph Pütz had to abandon the field during preliminary rounds. Our remaining contenders only competed in Kumite. Much to our chagrin, all of our contenders were eliminated in the first rounds. In his age group, Christoph Pütz fell against the now reigning world champion. Thomas Gelbrich met a well trained Congolese fighter right in the beginning, and despite an amazing fight he had to concede defeat. Also, Fotios Filis and Daniel Weber weren't able to come out on top in their age groups,
largely from the excellent performance of the other competitors. To sum up, we can say that we're hoping to proudly represent the talents of our peers at the European Championship in Sandersdorf next year.


• 1st ASAI Kata class with Jan Kobel in Sandersdorf, May 7 - May 8, 2011

At the beginning of this course, Shihan Jan Kobel honored everyone who had successfully passed the Dan exam on April 24th, 2011. The karateka of the WJKA Germany Reg. Assoc. showed great interest in what Jan Kobel Sr., Jan Kobel Jr., and Tadeusz Lebida were teaching. In three different gyms, the senseis taught their students various ASAI Katas. Afer a very exhausting day of training, some of the course participants were dining at "NICELA" and complimented the chef's work as well as the service. To conclude the evening, we went for a walk along the Goitzsche river and had a great view over the area from the Pegeltower close-by. We're looking forward to Jan Kobel visiting Sandersdorf again next year as a guest coach.
Course pictures from our kata training day can be found our gallery.

• Dan Exam on April 24, 2011

Today was another Dan examination day.
We'd like to congratulate Bianca Döring and Thomas Blˆdow on their 2nd Dan, and Sandy Döring, who successfully passed her 1st Dan.

• Kata class on February 19, 2011 in Gräfenhainichen

This Kata course had another fantastic turn-out. With over 70 attendees, the gym was nicely filled. Sensei Tadeusz Lebida came all the way from Bad Oldesloe to share his knowledge and experience with the students. After the lessons completed, all attendees returned with new techniques and skills to their native Dojos. The WJKA Germany Reg. Assoc. would like to thank the Dojo Gräfenhainischen for hosting this event, and Sensei Hans Jürgen Pech in particular for actively supporting the course of this session.

• Dan exam on November 20, 2010

Once again, we had another dan examination day. Congratulations to Thomas Gelbrich and Mariusz Scharfenberg for successfully passing their 1st Dan, and to Maik Döring on his 3rd Dan!

• 2nd WJKA Germany Cup in Groitzsch, Germany

On November 20, 2010, the Zhong Ryu from Lobstädt invited many competitors to the 2nd WJKA Germany Cup in Groitzsch. In total, five Dojos took part in this competition. Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Hesse, and Schleswig-Holstein had brought their best fighters to bring home trophies, cups, and medals. Everybody tried their best at the competition. We would like to thank the officials, led by Tadusz Lebida (6. Dan), who moderated justly.

• Medals won by WJKA fighters at the European Championship

On July 2, 2010, the WJKA Germany Reg. Assoc. sent six of their best fighters from Sandersdorf, Gräfenhainichen, Lobstädt, and Offenbach-Bürgel, to the WJKA European Championship in Eerbeck, Netherlands. We felt pretty lost between the 200 comptetitors coming from 12 different nations.
In a well-climatized sports hall, contenders competed against each other in accordance to their age and grading. The tournament was supervised by Sensei Kousaki Yokota (8th Dan), technical director of the WJKA Alliance. In Kata, Sarah Wetzel (GHC) got 4th place when contending in the finals. Among a large number of competitors, Nicole Duckwitz had to abandon the field during preliminary rounds. A better result was achieved by Christoph Pütz (Lobstädt), who was able to assert himself against the strong competition and received 4th place in Kata. Yet, he showed his best performance in Kumite, where he was awarded second place.
As a part of a fairly large starting group, Thomas Gelbrich fought his way through the first preliminary round, but was eventually defeated by the reigning world champion during the second round. Fotios Filis (Offenbach), competitor in the same group, was awarded fourth place.
After making it through the preliminaries, the sixth fighter of the WJKA Germany Reg. Assoc. Thomas Blˆdow (Sandersdorf) achieved a respectable third place in Kata. Instructor and technical director Tadeusz Lebida (6th Dan), WJKA Germany Reg. Assoc. president Steffem Zabel, and Manager Olaf Blˆdow are very proud of their students. Our thanks also go to Sensei Maik Döring (2nd Dan) and Sensei Hans-Jürgen Pech (2nd Dan), who significantly contributed in preparing our fighters for this tournament. Looking back we are pretty happy with the results and returned home as a rather proud team

• WJKA Germany Reg. Assoc. Kumite class 2010 in Groitzsch

On March 6th, 2010 we left for Groitzsch and the upcoming Kumite course. After getting up in the morning, we were surprised by the extreme winter weather and with some delay, everybody finally made it. Under the guidance of Tadeusz Lebida (6th Dan), we had quite an interesting day. Over 50 attendees were able to take home new techniques and suggestions. Pictures can be found in our gallery. 

• WJKA Germany Reg. Assoc. Kata class 2010 in Gräfenhainichen

This year, we again offer courses for further education and advanced training of our members. In 2010, we started with a Kata course on February 6 in Gräfenhainichen. Leader Tadeusz Lebida (6th Dan) enabled over 50 attendees to learn and strengthen new Katas. You can see pictures of the training in our gallery.

• 1st WJKA Germany Cup, November 21, 2009

On Saturday, November 21, 2009, the first WJKA Germany Cup took place in Sandersdorf, Germany. Clubs from Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Schleswig- Holstein represented their fighters in this tournament. Calm, yet focused, the contenders competed for trophies and medals. 
All karatekas were very successful, mainly because of the great interest of all members. Especially our youngsters were rather enthusiastic, and their success speaks for itself. Lead official and chief instructor Tadeusz Lebida (6th Dan) was very pleased with the fighters' skills and the hosting of this event. Next year, the 2nd WJKA Germany Cup will take place in Groitzsch, Germany.

• WJKA Germany Reg. Assoc. delegation at a course with Sensei K. Yokota
  between November 28 and November 29, 2009 in Appeldoorn

Great events are shaping our future

3rd WJKA European Championship

• We made it!

Because of our modern sports facilities in Sandersdorf- Brehna and the well-organized karate course with Sensei Jan Kobel in 2008, he suggested to apply for hosting the 3rd WJKA European Championship. Slightly surprised and with some skepticism, we put an application index together and sent it to the central office in the Netherlands. It's happening: we've been permitted as the host for the 3rd WJKA European Championship! Between July 6 and July 8, 2012, the championship will take place at the ball sports hall in Sandersdorf- Brehna. The WJKA Germany Reg. Assoc. - under the guidance of chief instructor Tadeuzs Lebida, Manager Olaf Blˆdow, and WJKA GER Reg. Assoc. president Steffen Zabel - is very proud to be entrusted with the organization of such a big event. We will do everything to make it an unforgettable experience!